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A hot meal on a cool night

Tonight the residents of the Franklin Hiawatha encampment enjoyed a hot meal - and I mean that in more ways than one!

Tommy Beevas, owner of Pimento, an Eat Street restaurant serving authentic Jamaican food, brought a little bit of the tropics to the camp on this cold and rainy night. Residents lined up for a spicy meal of rice and beans, jerk chicken, curried vegetables and pudding. I had a heaping plateful and it was AMAZING.

All of Pimento's dishes are prepared using recipes created by Beevas' grandmother. At the restaurant they offer five sauces that provide varying degrees of flavor and heat - but tonight they served the mildest version cleverly called 'Minnesota Nice.' It was just the right kick. The homemade flavors were the perfect antidote to a grey and drizzly day.

Tommy and his friend Joe Fahey dished out meals for about 200 people tonight - and the food was excellent- crafted with the same care and ingredients as the meals they serve at the Pimento restaurant. So many residents expressed their gratitude both in words and smiles. As I wrote in a recent post, there are moments of magic in the Franklin Hiawatha camp - and this was certainly one. A hot meal like this is more than just sustenance; it's soul food.

Tommy Beevas and Joe Fahey of Pimento dish out dinner at the camp

Rice and beans, jerk chicken, curry veggies and more - oh so good!

NAH volunteers and their children helped to serve the meal tonight.

Even the youngest volunteers were helping out!

Tommy Beevas and Joe Fahey. Their parting words: "Let us know what else we can do."

It is this kind of generosity that has kept almost 300 people fed, clothed, and comforted.


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