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A Meal from Mortenson

A week ago employees from Mortenson, an international construction and real estate development company based here in Minneapolis, visited the camp. They came bearing 24 large plastic bins fill with what can only be called Bag Lunch Deluxe!

The bags included the usual sandwiches and fruit - but went way above and beyond the average bag lunch fare. Also included was a bottle of juice, granola bars, small individual wrapped cheeses and even beef jerky. It was enough for a meal and a few snacks and everyone at the encampment was very grateful to have them.

The generosity of the companies, faith communities, community groups and individuals who prepare meals for the camp is never taken for granted. Thank you to Mortenson and their employees for reaching out and being a part of the effort to feed the residents at the Franklin Hiawatha encampment.

Volunteers from Natives Against Heroin prepare to distribute the Bag Lunch Deluxe from Mortenson.

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