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A volunteer Sunday at the camp.

Sunday Sept 9, 2018

Today a lovely young woman named Jen organized volunteers to visit the encampment, bring donations, and participate in a camp clean up. Over 30 people showed up with donated food and water, blankets and more. They donned work gloves, grabbed contractor bags and spanned out across the camp picking up any trash. Nearby one of the camp residents swept the sidewalk with an industrial-size broom.

I must note that the residents keep the encampment very tidy. I was there with a friend on Friday and he commented on the fact that there was almost no trash to be seen. Thanks to the efforts of the City, Public Works picks up trash twice a day, and both residents and Natives Against Heroin do their best to keep the place clean. It's an inspiring effort given how many individuals are temporarily residing in such a small area and under such difficult circumstances.

Here are just a few of the wonderful people who stopped by today to say, "We care."

Read to join the clean up crew.

She raised over $250 and purchased tee shirts, hoodies and personal care items for the residents.

She tended the food table - and is studying for her masters degree in social work.

These Vikings fans brought clothes and jackets for the residents.

Another generous member of the clean up crew.

Members of a local faith community organizing the bag lunches they brought to distribute to the residents.

Special shout out to the two, who without prior notice, let us use their truck to move donations to designated storage areas. Many thanks!

A special shout out to these guys, who came to donate and stayed to help us ferry donations to the designated storage areas in their pickup truck. Many thanks for spending a couple of hours with us today.

Above, Jen, the organizer of the event today. Many thanks! Migwetch! Wopila!


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