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Cooking Up Fry Bread and Community

In the middle of an indigenous urban encampment, next to a roaring highway filled with speeding commuters, there are more moments of magic than one might imagine. They are born of the acts of human kindness that underpin daily life at the camp. Without these acts of compassion and generosity things would quickly fall apart. Compassion and kindness are the foundation this camp is built on - and the foundation is rock solid.

One of the sweetest examples is the day Aaron Lightfeather and his friends made enough blueberry fry bread to feed the whole camp a tasty breakfast - about 250 pieces! What adds amazement to this act of generosity is that they made it on a regular size stove top - and over many hours!

As Aaron wrote on Facebook the day he worked from evening into the wee hours of the morning in the kitchen: " I don’t mind the making and the time, as long as I see smiles and hear many Miigwetches.... Let’s see some smiling faces today."

Yes, 250 pieces of fry bread were made in this skillet!

Aaron and friends get ready to serve homemade blueberry fry bread at the Franklin Hiawatha encampment.

I will admit I touched the outside of each bag until I found the ones just fresh off the stove -

and enjoyed my fry bread warm!

The gift of familiar flavors and the knowledge someone cares.

Posted by Camille

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