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Free haircuts were offered at the encampment today. Renee, Nicole, and a third stylist who got away before I got his name, set up temporary shop and cut hair for 3 hours non-stop at the Hygiene Service Area across the street from the camp. At the Service Area camp residents have access to private showers and, during the business week, can talk to people from various agencies about housing, health care, chemical dependency treatment, and more. But today it was all about haircuts!

It was wonderful to watch folks get their hair cut. A trip to the barber or stylist is common for most - but for camp residents it was a true luxury. Both women and men were beaming after their cut. It was great to see them check out their new look in the mirror and see the smiles spread cross their faces. They looked so relaxed and happy. To have someone comb and cut their hair, and take time to make them look their best - to care in this very personal way - was a true gift and very much appreciated.

Thank you to Renee for organizing this and recruiting a barber and a stylist to join her. Your service to the camp residents was beautiful to watch.

Renee styling a resident's long, beautiful hair.

Nicole and Renee

There was another group of stylists in a different location who just showed up and started cutting hair. I did not get their photograph - but to the mystery stylists: Thank you!

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