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Kids that care

Last weekend the Franklin Hiawatha encampment was visited by Megan, Natalie and Breck - three kids that care. Megan had seen a television news spot about the camp and decided she really wanted to do something to help the residents of the camp.

Megan enlisted the help of her brother, Breck, and best friend Natalie. Her mom also pitched in. Together they made over 150 sandwiches and brought bag lunches to the camp. The lunches for younger camp residents included a pair of winter gloves.

What struck me most about the visit of Megan, Natalie and Breck was their sheer exuberance for helping. The camp can be a challenging place, but these youth were unfazed. Their connection with the residents was heart to heart. No judgement. Nothing but smiles and a sandwich for everyone.

It's a sometime tired old adage - but we really can learn a lot from these kids. It's so easy for those of us safe in our warm homes, with a job, a car, and a full pantry, to judge those with less. To judge them for their poverty or their addictions. To judge them for not trying hard enough. It's so easy for our judgement to blind us to their humanity.

It's a beautiful, sunny day. A good day to be alive, to give thanks for all we have, and to channel the generous and compassionate spirit of these wonderful youth. Give someone a smile today; it's free but truly priceless.

Breck, Natalie and Megan handing out their bag lunches at the encampment. In the background are Ellen and Mark from Natives Against Heroin.

Posted by Camille

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