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The camp - by the numbers!

Franklin Hiawatha encampment, by the numbers: October 29, 2018. This list will be updated and added to from time to time.

207 - Number of tents as of October 24, 2018

3 - Number of showers on-site at the Hygiene Service Area

225 - Number of gallons of coffee brewed and delivered each morning by volunteer Ellen H, who began delivering daily on Sept 30. Beans donated by Equal Exchange and Peace Coffee

451 - Number of persons who have emailed via the website to offer to volunteer, donate goods or prepare a meal

9,400 - Number of meals (approx) served by volunteer groups from Sept 30 through Oct 27 (This is based on volunteer groups providing meals and does not include the hundreds of pizzas, chicken dinners and other meals provided by Natives Against Heroin.)

1000+ - Number of blankets and sleeping bags (approx) distributed to camp residents

37,216 - Number of unique visitors to the camp website since it went live on August 22

33 - Number of days before projected opening of new Navigation Center (December 1st)

18 - Average low temperature on December 1st.

15,000 - Average number of homeless Minnesotans on any given night

0 - Number of shelter beds open and available on any given night. Often all beds are taken - there are not enough beds for people looking for a safe place to sleep.

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